Richard Hill

With over 20 years of agency and client experience as a Retail and Brand Marketing Communications leader, Richard is one of the top retail thought leaders in North America. Home Hardware, Guardian/ I.D.A., and Ace Hardware have called upon Richard to present his insights and expertise to their employees, franchisees, dealers, and partners.

Richard has extensive experience working with Dealer and Franchisee groups in the Automotive and Home Improvement sectors. Other category experience includes Telecommunications, Packaged Goods, QSR, Hospitality, and Technology. Richard is a Managing Partner at Saffer Retail and Director of Marketing at Ace Canada (a client of Saffer Retail).

Richard passionately speaks on a number of topics, including:

1. The 3Rs of Retail: Relationship, Reward, and Response

In this keynote, Richard explains why success in retail depends on the relationship customers have with a brand and the retailer’s ability to leverage this relationship to build success. Richard persuasively expresses that strong relationships allow brands to create rewards that customers find relevant, and the insights from their responses can be measured and optimized for greater response.

2. Dealer/ Franchisee, Head Office Relations

Richard explains how franchise and dealer businesses need to work closely with their franchisees and dealers to push together in one direction, building their brand and sales. His examples of working with Home Hardware, Honda, Ace Canada, and many others, are real-world case studies that will engage and educate your audience.

3. Millennials and Retail Today

With millennials making up the majority of the working population, retailers must provide an experience that this generation values and finds enticing. There are many differences between baby boomers, gen X and millennials and Richard tackles the challenges by explaining how retailers should communicate with millennials.

The Future of the Flyer

86% of shoppers still read flyers, 93% still watch TV and 85% of shoppers search online before they buy. What’s the role of the flyer in the next five to 10 years, and beyond? How are companies changing the game and what do millennials want when it comes to the flyer?

How Dealer/ Franchisees can build their Brand

Dealers and Franchisees are critical to the success of their respective businesses. A head office needs to work closely with their valued owners to help them build the brand within their community. It's important to understand each franchisee's/ dealers’ motivations, objectives and relationship to their community in order to succeed. Richard knows what it takes to build a brand with a franchisee/ dealer and he is one of the most sought-after speakers on this topic.

Richard's speaking appearances include:

  • Lowe's Canada Buying Shows
  • Ace Canada Road Shows
  • Guardian and I.D.A. Annual Meeting
  • Home Hardware Buying Shows
  • Home Hardware Dealer Conventions
  • Home Hardware District Meetings
  • General Motors of Canada GM Goodwrench Tech Rally
  • General Motors of Canada Northern Rally Dealer Conventions
  • Sheridan College


To discuss having Richard Hill speak at your next event or meeting, please contact Richard Hill at